Your Brand Archetype is…

The River

Your emotional brand archetype is strong, luminous, and sensual

You are a humanitarian, a high priestess, and the essence of feminine energy.

Pleasure is your middle name and you believe tears are a superpower.

But don’t let the softness of The River fool you, your depth of feelings can carve curves into the hardest rock formations.

The River guides her clients to connect with their soul essence and live from a place of sovereignty and softness.


Woman with her hands dangling in blue water

Your Not So Secret Super Powers

The deer, turtle and swan are your animal allies

Calm, soft and gentle nudging support your clients move at a supportive pace

Sensual dance and time in the water help ground you into your body

You never turn down a spa day with friends or even just by yourself

You cry happy, sad and inspired tears and it's one of your best traits.

Hibiscus La Croix and bowls of lemony pasta fuel you

Your brand feels like a luxurious spa scented with lavender, cucumber slices and warm towels

You are deeply conneted to your intution and let is guide you


The River might *cough*…get in her own way.

Especially if she is learning to find her voice and personal taste, and needs guidance to get there. Making decisions about the visuals for her brand is daunting.

The River is always in the flow and sometimes she needs a little masculine energy to help her make decisions and move forward in her business.

The River knows what she likes but can get lost for hours on Pinterest daydreaming about fonts, colors, and places she wants to vacation.

Overwhelm sets in and nothing in her business moves forward.

But that just won’t do because people need you and your gifts.

Ingredients to Fully Embody Your Brand Archetype


The Colors

Represent your brand with colors that include skin tones, soft pinks, light blue, greys, and beige. Keywords to search on Pinterest are neutrals, neutral color palettes, and various bodies of water.

Why these colors? You want your clients to feel calm, in the flow, and inspired. Water elements allow us to subconsciously feel the flow of our own intuition. Flowers, gentle waves, fountains, and ethereal lighting can do this visually.


Photography and Visual Essence

Choose photos with lots of soft light, soft lines and have an element of sacredness to them.

Elements to consider when choosing photos:

  • Clean and simple flatlays with cups of tea, flowers, and journals 
  • Some textures to consider are linens, sheer gauze, marble, light shadows
  • Nature photos are a great way to anchor your brand to a feeling. Search for sand, Caribbean water, peonies, roses, and sandy beaches
  • Consider photos that have a spa vibe to them, think incense, candles, trickling water, and eucalyptus.


Download your beautiful mood board

Jumpstart your brand design with colors, fonts, and stock images that embody your new Emotional Brand Archetype. 

I’ve also included a comprehensive website planning guide + photoshoot planner.

You got this!

Want more design support?

I got you, babe.

Archetype Marketing Design Bundle

  • Packages and Services Template
  • 25+ Branded Instagram Posts
  • Branded e-book template

Collaborative Coaching

  • Bounce your ideas off a professional
  • Finally, cross sh*t off your list
  • Move your business forward in a supportive way

Custom Archetype Design Creation

  • Custom logo design
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Meet your brand alchemist

Hi! I’m Chassie

I’m deeply passionate about chips and salsa, astrology, archetypes and helping you build a brand you love.

I’m also a passionate home cook, former yearbook nerd, and sensual dance instructor who has spent the last 20+ years of my professional life as a brand strategist and graphic artist.

I want to see you THRIVE, make loads of money, have time for your extracurriculars, and create major change in the world. But, building a brand can be very overwhelming.

The sheer number of options on Pinterest, Etsy, and the Gram sends you into deep dive into comparing and despairing.

It’s enough to make you want to crawl under a big blanket and binge-watch Schitt’s Creek.

That’s where I come in. With over 20 years of experience as a brand strategist and graphic artist, my goal is to help holistic, socially conscious, and spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, breathe life into your online presence so you can step out in confidence and get back to business.

It’s an honor to be here with you.