Your Brand Archetype is…

The Visionary

Your emotional brand archetype is fun, joyful, expansive, and full of creativity.

You are deeply curious about life and connect with your clients through deep conversations.

Your ideas inspire your clients and open them up to new possibilities within themselves.

The Visionary loves to have fun. You are exceptional at thinking outside of the box and going against social norms.

Your clients love you because of the personal attention, thoughtful gifts, and effervescent personality you brings.


The Visionary Brand Archetype

Your Not So Secret Super Powers

The otter, peacock and crow are your animal allies

your ability to go deep and think outside the box opens your clients to new possibilities within themselves

Dancing your ass off makes you feel alive in your body

You love trying new restaurants and craft cocktails

You are low key into astrology and sync your cycles to your work week

Chips and salsa and iced coffee fuel your day

You are deeply curious about life, the ethereal and and your intellect is inspiring

Your playlists on spotify are 🔥


The Visionary might *cough*…get in her own way.

With so much intellect, The Visionary can get caught up in her head overthinking everything.

She might spend hours finding the perfect font only to hate it because the P looks like an L.

She has a shopping cart full of templates because she can’t decide which one she resonates with most and she *may* have one or two untouched courses sitting in her inbox.

The Visionary feels most supported when she has an accountability buddy to help her organize her ideas and keep her on track to execute them.

Structure and order help bring her big ideas to fruition and having a gorgeous color palette, fonts, and photo inspiration allow her to show up in a blaze of glitter to change people’s lives.


Ingredients to Fully Embody Your Brand Archetype


The Colors

Show off your brand with bright and bold colors. Think teals, rich purple, bright pink, black, and gold. Be careful to not go overboard though too much can be overwhelming.  Keywords to search on Pinterest are jewel tones, bold color palettes, and eclectic aesthetics.

Why these colors? You want your clients to feel excited and inspired. Bold colors bring out bold energy and inspire curiosity.


Photography and Visual Essence

Choose photos that show off your personality or archetype. Remember, bold doesn’t have to mean busy. Choose photos that might make your clients look twice or have a fun and playful energy to them.

Elements to consider when choosing photos:

  • Leather jackets, matching sweatsuits, flamingos, funky coffee mugs? What are pieces of you that you can bring into a brand shoot or with stock images?
  • Consider clean, straight lines, minimal geometric shapes or smoke bombs, crystals, tarot cards, or neon signs
  • What is the opposite of what everyone in your niche is doing? Now, do that! 
  • Consider photos that have an artistic edge to them. Get inspired by fashion and art magazines and websites.


Download your beautiful mood board

Jumpstart your brand design with colors, fonts, and stock images that embody your new Emotional Brand Archetype. 

I’ve also included a comprehensive website planning guide + photoshoot planner.

You got this!

Want more design support?

I got you, babe.

Archetype Marketing Design Bundle

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  • Branded e-book template

Collaborative Coaching

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  • Finally, cross sh*t off your list
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Custom Archetype Design Creation

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Meet your brand alchemist

Hi! I’m Chassie

I’m deeply passionate about chips and salsa, astrology, archetypes and helping you build a brand you love.

I’m also a passionate home cook, former yearbook nerd, and sensual dance instructor who has spent the last 20+ years of my professional life as a brand strategist and graphic artist.

I want to see you THRIVE, make loads of money, have time for your extracurriculars, and create major change in the world. But, building a brand can be very overwhelming.

The sheer number of options on Pinterest, Etsy, and the Gram sends you into deep dive into comparing and despairing.

It’s enough to make you want to crawl under a big blanket and binge-watch Schitt’s Creek.

That’s where I come in. With over 20 years of experience as a brand strategist and graphic artist, my goal is to help holistic, socially conscious, and spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, breathe life into your online presence so you can step out in confidence and get back to business.

It’s an honor to be here with you.